GEAR Premium® Frosted Collection

Cool To The Touch

3 breathtaking patterns sandblasted on 100% borosilicate beakers, flower bubblers and oil rigs

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GEAR Premium® Dabmolisher

The Easiest Way To Vaporize Your Concentrates

Available in Amber, Blue, Green and Colour Changing

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GEAR Premium® x Skilletools

Dab Tools For Any Honey Lover

We've teamed up with the best to bring you the highest quality of anodized dab tools

GEAR Premium® Accessories

Bangers, Ash Catchers & Pull-Outs

We've got it all!

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GEAR Premium® Jade Collection

An Exciting New Colour With A Creamy Undertone

The look and feel of this ornamental rock is now available in many styles of water pipes

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